Role: Site Manager – July, 2011-16

Client: City of Surrey, John Donnelly & Associates

About: Fusion Fest is a two day, four stage festival located in the heart of Surrey’s Holland Park. It features 60+ local food vendors, each representing their country as a cultural pavilion, as well as hundreds of performers from all around the globe. This cultural celebration attracts 90,000+ people each July. In 2013, the free event was awarded Best Festival in the World at the Special Events Magazine’s International Gala Awards.

Process: Loading into Holland Park has it challenges. In 2012, I helped develop a traffic flow system, which effectively controlled the load-in of each vendor and mitigated park damage due largely to heavy rainfall. We bring in roughly one thousand sheets of plywood each year.

Holland Park was also the site for the BC Summer Games Opening Ceremony (2012). The challenge here was to carry forward with the load-in, while sharing some base infrastructure with the games, as well as accommodating thousands of young athletes.